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Objective Research and Comprehensive Analysis

Green Analytics meets clients’ needs through research and analysis of the highest calibre.

Objective Research

We undertake objective social science research on par with modern scientific and academic standards.

Comprehensive Analysis

We employ advanced analytical capabilities in statistical analyses, spatial analytics, economic assessment and modelling.

Common Ground Alliance

We developed a dashboard that allows users to interact with extensive data related to linear disturbances from Canada and the United States.

Alberta Utilities Commission

We were commissioned by the AUC to assess the potential for incorporating non-market values into the Commission’s review and approval processes.

Innovative Strategies

Green Analytics was commissioned to develop a life cycle impact calculator to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions and global warming potential.

Amy Taylor

An Environmental Economist by training, Amy has worked on projects related to energy, water, climate, fiscal reform, policy analysis, natural capital valuation, and environmental resource accounting. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Environmental Science and Masters of Resource Management.

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Specializing in the economic
dimensions of people and the planet.

Green Analytics was an excellent company to work with and produced a high quality report for us. They are an extremely professional team and real experts in natural capital accounting.

THOMAS BOWERS, MSc – greenbelt foundation