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Green Analytics uses data and custom-built software to answer complex questions and build platform solutions.

Spatial Analytics

We leverage spatial data and analytics to inform environmental policies and strategies for our clients.

Product Development

We design and deploy customized software and hardware solutions that empower clients to grow their businesses.


BuildSense is a software as a service (SaaS) that empowers building operators to understand their assets and optimize building performance.


TestPoint is a workplace health screening application that allows companies to record and monitor health risks of employees.


Green Analytics works with leaders in the agriculture and agrifood sector to trace and analyze environmental metrics along the supply chain.

Carbon Guild Corporation

Green Analytics and Viresco Solutions apply carbon accounting, life cycle analysis, carbon offsets and clean tech solutions to help companies evaluate, manage and reduce the environmental impact of their operations and supply chain.

Mike Kennedy

Dr. Mike Kennedy is the President & CTO of Green Analytics. Mike is a high-tech executive, and technology strategist with a deep start-up and academic background in Geospatial/Location based services, applied machine learning, software development and distributed networks and sensor systems.

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Specializing in the economic
dimensions of people and the planet.

They always deliver high quality products – both reports and presentations – and are always striving to tailor and improve their products to maximize their value to the client.

MARGOT URSIC, MSc – beacon environmental