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Green Analytics and Viresco Solutions

Digital Solutions & Technology

Our software platform streamlines the End-to-End Carbon Roadmap™, including several technologies to directly manage, reduce and report on sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Unparalleled Expertise

25+ years of unparalleled expertise, knowledge, and experience engaging with market leaders across the most renowned global and local emissions standards and markets.

Navigate the path to net zero with the End-to-End Carbon Roadmap™ and our net zero consulting team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations meet the challenge of going carbon neutral by 2050 in line with climate science, and in the most cost-effective and profitable way possible.

Our Team

The Carbon Guild Corporation is a joint venture between Canada’s leading sustainability experts Viresco Solutions and Green Analytics. The CGC combines our skills and expertise to help companies with complex operational, technical and logistical needs to reduce their carbon footprint and improve environmental impact.

The End-to-End Carbon Roadmap

The End-to-End Carbon Road Map™ is a six-step methodology we use to assist organizations with sustainability roadmapping and strategy development. We work cooperatively to assess gaps, improvements, interventions and seek innovative ways to improve, measure and monetize improvements in environmental performance.

Strategy Development

We are a Canada-wide team made up of engineers, scientists, agrologists, life cycle analysts, economists, project and software developers, and business leaders who are recognized globally for our success in helping organizations achieve their climate change mitigation targets.

Carbon Market Business Intelligence

Navigate new opportunities as they rapidly emerge in traditional and new markets across the globe with the Carbon Guild Intelligence Centre. Monitor trends and subscribe to specific topics to access the latest findings relevant to your business.

WRI Scope 1-3 GHG Inventories

Derive deep operational insights with an environmental life cycle analysis coupled with our range of inventory management solutions. We address operational, technical and logistical needs to reduce your carbon footprint and improve environmental impact.

ESG Compliance and Reporting

Global carbon and environmental markets continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace. We navigate the complexities and assess the risks and opportunities of the myriad of standards, reporting and market frameworks and claims so that you don't have to.

Monetization Pathways

We continuously engage in the dynamic world of offset standards and policy development as we support our clients through project implementation. Generate new revenue streams with our offset financing evaluation, industry match-making, and innovation partners.

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