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Natural Asset Management

Green Analytics works with land owners and managers to inventory, assess and value natural assets to inform management decisions.

Inventories and Valuation

We help municipalities and landowners understand their natural assets and the value of the services those assets provide.

Interactive Dashboards

We build custom dashboards to house natural asset inventories and allow users to better understand their natural assets.

Birch Natural Assets

A service offering of Green Analytics, Birch Natural Assets allows users to inventory, assess and value natural assets using standardized and replicable approaches. 

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Shell Canada

We worked with Smart Prosperity and Midsummer Analytics to identify conservation and restoration opportunities from nature based assets in Canada.

Credit Valley Conservation

We built an online dashboard for the Credit Valley Conservation Authority that allows users to explore the business case for natural asset management.

Municipal Natural Assets

We provide technical support to the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative to create and publish natural asset inventories for municipal governments across Canada.

Amy Taylor

An Environmental Economist by training, Amy has worked on projects related to energy, water, climate, fiscal reform, policy analysis, natural capital valuation, and environmental resource accounting. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Environmental Science and Masters of Resource Management.

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Specializing in the economic
dimensions of people and the planet.

We have worked closely with Green Analytics on multiple projects across Canada and have the highest regard for their outstanding professionalism, and economic assessment and spatial analytics skills.

ROY BROOKE – Municipal Natural Assets Initiative