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At Green Analytics we take every advantage of technology to reveal information from our research and to extract insights with our analysis. We use a variety of tools and technology to do so, and where the tools don’t exist, we build our own. Our solutions aren’t just for us though; we build one-off and complete end-to-end analytical tools and technology solutions for our clients as well.

Web-based Platforms

Green Analytics designs and creates customized web-based applications and tools, empowering clients with both the data and the platform needed to answer strategic questions.

Green Analytics also designs and builds complete stand-alone web applications that encompass entire business processes from end-to-end. Green Metrics Market, a carbon credit generation and sales platform, is one such example, bringing in energy production data from the field, compiling it, and generating carbon emissions credits, from a single unified platform.

Green Metrics City is a user-friendly leading-edge web-based software application that allows energy users and decision makers to track, analyze, and report on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data across time and space. A web-based application that requires no native software installations and is available to everyone with login credentials, Green Metrics City is designed to be simple to deploy, maintain, and cost-effective in the long-term. The objectives of Green Metrics City are:

· To enable online communication and engagement with commercial building owners, utility companies, municipal staff, and the public about the actual and potential for reducing GHG emissions from current and future commercial building.

· To provide a data and analytical platform to aggregate data inputs from a suite of urban growth, and urban planning tools to evaluate individual unit (e.g. building, vehicle, land area), neighbourhood and city-wide impacts of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

· To provide a data platform for private building owners, municipal staff, utility companies, and energy providers to be better informed and collaborate on prospective and current investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Spatial Database Creation and Analysis

We build and employ spatial databases to answer strategic questions and optimize resource allocations across time and space. Our analysts and programmers work together to combine independent data-sets and analyze the data contained within.

Green Analytics helped conceptualize and develop the Bio-Resource Information Management System (BRIMS), a detailed spatial database that provides an inventory of potential biomass feedstock across Alberta.

Agent Based Modelling

Green Analytics employs Agent Based Modelling to answer strategic and complex questions related to natural resource use. Agent Based Modelling is a specialized software tool that uses simulations to assess outcomes from interactions between agents (people, organizations or animals) and their environment. Such tools are helpful for a solving a range of problems from optimizing a company’s supply chain to assessing how land use change patterns are influenced by policy and regional economic conditions.

Green Analytics used Agent Based Modelling to examine changes in angler behaviour in response to changes in fishing location characteristics (e.g. species abundance and angler success), optimize timber harvest accounting for mill location and capacity, and advance ecosystem service mapping by linking the flow of such services to the people who benefit from them.

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