Life Cycle Assessments

Stay informed on the environmental impact of your product, process, or service
We conduct Life Cycle Analyses as the primary methodology for assessing environmental impact across all stages of a life cycle
Environmental Management Standards
We support you in navigating these standards and protocols.
Climate Resilience
Life Cycle Analyses provide a tool and framework for implementing sustainable business practices.
ISO and Product Category Rules
Green Analytics is well versed in ISO and Product Category Rules

LCA for Kathairos Solutions

We performed a life cycle analysis for Kathairos Solutions to help identify the environmental impact of their solution.


We conducted a life cycle analysis for Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc. to help identify the environmental impact of their biomass to biochar solution.

The Carbon Guild

The Carbon Guild utilizes the End-to-End Carbon Roadmap™, including several technologies to directly manage, reduce and report on sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Jeff Wilson

Jeff specializes in environmental and natural resource economics, with particular expertise in the areas of natural capital, ecosystem services, non-market valuation, and cost-benefit analysis. He is experienced with complex systems and agent based modelling tools to better capture the dynamics between social and ecological systems.
What Our Clients Say
"Green Analytics was an excellent company to work with and produced a high quality report for us. They are an extremely professional team and real experts in natural capital accounting."
Thomas Bowers, MSc
Greenbelt Foundation