Pilot Testing & Onboarding Services 

QA, Test, Pilot & Release
Quality Assurance
Pilot Testing
Before each release, the development work is reviewed and tested for quality assurance.
Product Marketing
Training, marketing, and onboarding materials are produced and refined as new features are released, preparing you to go to market with confidence.
We deploy a test environment for piloting new releases and features
Client Support
Support services involve regular feedback and informational sessions, where we can continue to develop or tailor features to best meet your needs. 

Sunterra Farms

We supported the Sunterra Group in running a successful pilot of the Testpoint App, while keeping their operations open and running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Testpoint by Gemina

We developed a product onboarding playbook that accounted for provincial and federal protocols, user policies, and step by step processes for best use practices.

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Online Courses

We developed a 40+ hour multi-module training course, hosted online, for BuildSense users interested in becoming a certified BuildSense Energy Integration Specialist.

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Ella Slupesky

Ella is dedicated to developing solutions that enable and support environmental awareness and accountability across a variety of industry sectors. As the Group Product Manager for Green Analytics, she works frequently with clients to administer product support and facilitate onboarding.
What Our Clients Say
"The Green Analytics Team has been integral to our program's success, providing expert advice, guidance and timely responsiveness to requests as we expanded the use of the software to several testing locations."
Carla Mazutinec
Project Coordinator, Sunterra Farms