Our Development Approach

Streamlining the Approach to Product Development
Development Experience
10+ years of business and a specialized team of professional economists, GIS technicians, and software developers.
Project Visibility & Transparency
We believe in using the Agile Methodology in software development to empower your team.
Exceptional Product Quality
Our commitment to quality and professionalism (on time – on budget > 95% of our projects.
Our Network
Pipeline to new talent and expertise, product leverage, and funding opportunities.


We developed a program based financial management platform to help streamline funding for applicants for the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association .

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We developed an inventory management and supply chain traceability platform to  reduce biomass streams and support Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc.

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API Integration

Green Analytics is well versed in supporting various business and operational needs through systems integrations and customized monitoring and hardware solutions. 

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James Ritchie

With 10+ years experience performing Business Analysis & Managing Development teams, James is well versed in developing business solutions efficiently. He is passionate about 3 things: bringing experts together, building novel solutions to complex problems, & building tools that make the world a better place.
What Our Clients Say
“Green Analytics has been an excellent company to work with, providing transparency throughout the development process making it manageable and efficient.”