Research & Spatial Analytics

Leveraging spatial data and analytics to inform environmental policies and strategies
Spatial Analytics
We utilize spatial data and analytics to inform environmental policies and strategies for our clients.
Geospatial Modelling
Green Analytics is uniquely positioned to combine environmental management expertise with geospatial modelling to drive better land management practices
Data Hierarchy
A fusion of multiple layers of data through multiple sources is established, enforcing high quality data to be represented.
Programmed Models
Green Analytics uses ArcGIS software to program models and natural asset inventories.

Shell Canada

We worked with Smart Prosperity and Midsummer Analytics to identify conservation and restoration opportunities from nature based assets in Canada.

Digital Twin Architecture

Green Analytics continues to apply this modeling technology to further use cases, including building inventories and designs.

NAI Tool

Our team of experts has developed a Modeling tool to streamline inventorying natural assets by municipality.

Kevin Horrocks

Kevin is a Geospatial analyst and web developer lead for various municipal, provincial, and federal government clients. His work for Green Analytics is primarily focused on natural assets, biological economic value, and socio-economic assessments.
What Our Clients Say
"The Green Analytics team is a pleasure to work with, innovative and highly professional. They curated the expertise needed to work with our available data, within our budget, and to achieve all outcomes of our project. Their services have built a better understanding of the value of ecosystem services provided by natural assets in Calgary."
Jill Curley, Professional Biologist
City of Calgary