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Green Analytics is an environmental consulting and software development company with an entrepreneurial streak. 100% Canadian and employee owned, Green Analytics leverages data, analytics and software solutions to address environmental challenges.
With extensive expertise in environmental consulting and software development, Green Analytics provides innovative solutions to help businesses improve their operations and decision making capabilities.

Owning and managing a portfolio of ventures that tackle some of the most demanding economic and environmental sustainability challenges of our time, Green Analytics remains committed to re investing its profits towards developing artificial intelligence that enables users to make the right investments in our future.

Employee Owned

Founded in 2011, Green Analytics is owned and operated by Mike (PhD) and Amy (M.R.M), leading a professional network of talented individuals.

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Unparalleled Expertise

Our highly educated team includes professional economists, environmental scientists, life cycle analysts, GIS technicians, and computer programmers.

Collaborative Network

We maintain a network of individuals with expertise in social and physical sciences, geographic information systems, air quality management and energy royalties.
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