Green Analytics Announces Partnership with Sunterra Analytics
October 18, 2023
Mike Kennedy

[Edmonton, AB]: [Green Analytics] announced a new partnership with [Sunterra Farms]. This partnership will serve both companies in supporting new and existing customers and their agricultural operations, through leveraging data and custom monitoring solutions.  

“We are pleased to be applying our knowledge and experience related to energy efficiency improvements in the commercial and institutional building sector to buildings in the agriculture sector.” says [Amy Taylor], [CEO] at [Green Analytics]. “Sunterra Analytics is a natural extension of our current service offering that will position Sunterra farms for the climate constrained future that is our new reality.”

Sunterra Analytics brings together a unique team of experts in software development, environmental consulting and sustainable agriculture. The new company will tackle barriers to energy efficiency in the agricultural sector through hardware and software solutions that will optimize energy consumption at Sunterra Farm locations in Canada and the United States.  

Sunterra Analytics brings together a unique team of experts in software development, environmental consulting and sustainable agriculture. The new company is dedicated to the development and deployment of an enterprise data analytics platform to support data-driven decision making throughout the Sunterra supply chain focused sustainability, operational efficiency, and stakeholder reporting at Sunterra Farms locations in Canada and the United States.

“The Sunterra Group has worked with the Green Analytics team on various projects over the last 8 years. In that time, together we reviewed our energy efficiency throughout our farming, processing and retail operations. In addition, Green Analytics and Sunterra Farms have been working closely to develop effective sensors and new technology pathways to enhance our team’s capability in livestock management.,” says [Ray Price], [President] of [Sunterra Group]. “We are excited to take the next step by partnering the Sunterra Group with Green Analytics to form Sunterra Analytics Ltd in order to further the research and implementation of technology in the agriculture and food industry.”

About [Green Analytics]: Green Analytics develops AI solutions for sustainability applications, predominantly under its Green Metrics (built environment), Birch Natural Asset (natural assets) and Sunterra Analytics (ag-tech) division. GA is an environmental consulting and software development company with an entrepreneurial streak, providing innovative solutions to help businesses improve their environmental performance and decision-making capabilities. The company has extensive experience in environmental consulting, data and software development services across a range of industries to help them leverage data and technology to drive performance, growth and success. GA re-invests its profits into developing artificial intelligence that enables engineers, analysts, managers and owners to take control of their data to inform investments in the future. GA owns and manages a portfolio of ventures that are tackling some of the most challenging economic and environmental sustainability challenges of our time.

About Sunterra Group: The Sunterra Group of Companies was established in 1970. Recognized for their longstanding leadership in pig production for over 50 years, the assets managed by the Price family support a growing supply of clean, safe, and sustainable pork protein to the world. With roots in Acme, Alberta, Sunterra Farms provides meticulous care and attention to detail in its own operations and for its management clients.  

Ontario's Regulation 588/17: Navigating Sustainable Asset Management Planning

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May 1, 2024
Amy Taylor

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