Green Metrics Technologies
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Building Intelligence
Scott Builders Inc.
Building Optimization
Track energy consumption and ESG performance.
Digitized Building Assets
Tap into a living digital inventory of all building assets.
Customized Sensor Packages
IOT sensors and monitoring for energy consumption, environment, and asset health.
Data Analytics
Streamline operational efficiency with deeper insights.

Green Metrics Technologies is a longstanding venture targeting the commercial sector to provide actionable insights to lower costs and improve value for property owners. Green Metrics Technologies delivers digitized building assets, real time visualizations, and ESG reporting. Founded in 2017 by Mike Kennedy (PhD), Green Metrics remains focused on building software solutions for commercial, institutional and facilities.

Green Metrics has developed a practice, products (BuildSense) and partnerships to rapidly benchmark, audit and assess energy conservation opportunities in buildings. Working with individual building owners and portfolio managers to know where, how and how much to invest in energy efficiency measures that reduce operating costs and its greenhouse gas footprint.

The BuildSense™ solution is designed to digitize buildings, build a structured dataset of each building and leverage field audits and machine learning algorithms to deliver a high-powered analytical tool to the building sector.

Building intelligence and modern energy solutions
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