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Financial Management
2 Years
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Program Status Reporting
Lessens the administrative burden of deploying agricultural incentive programs across Canada with custom report metrics.
Application Workflows
Streamlines communication between producers, agronomists, program administrators, and financial teams.
Payment Processing
Secures financial workflows for processing claims, payments, and reconciliations with digital records in place.
Pre-Qualify Applicants
Accelerates new registrants and existing vendors for future programs with a centralized user base.
Watch your program grow with IMPACT

What our clients say

"Green Analytics' expertise in platform design has allowed CFGA to centralize the administration of federal funding for farmers across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec in planning and implementing rotational grazing practices, within a relatively short timeframe. The team asked the right questions and worked with us to develop a user experience that matched the needs of our program participants. From program design to reporting, Green Analytics has helped us streamline our operations, ensure our information is secure and provide important training support at each stage."
Cedric MacLeod, Executive Director of CFGA
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