City of Calgary
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Natural Asset Management
2+ Years
City of Calgary, Associated Engineers
Understanding the Importance of Natural Assets within the City of Calgary
Natural Capital Assessment
Provided an assessment of Calgary's natural capital through establishing the value of Calgary's ecosystem services.
Ecological Service Valuation
Established a system for estimating the monetary value of the services provided by natural assets and the value of the assets within the City of Calgary.
GIS: Geographic Information Systems
Developed custom data visualizations for the City of Calgary's unique geography using GIS.
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What our clients say

"The Green Analytics team is a pleasure to work with, innovative and highly professional. They curated the expertise needed to work with our available data, within our budget, and to achieve all outcomes of our project. Their services have built a better understanding of the value of ecosystem services provided by natural assets in Calgary."
Jill Curley, Professional Biologist for the City of Calgary
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